What date do I put for the date of arrival/entry?

Russian visa

In order to get a Russian visa, you’ll need some basic information to get started. The first thing we tell our customers is that they need a valid passport and to decide on the date of their travel to Russia. That’s easier said than done. We recommend getting a visa before booking flights to Russia […]

How to Get a Chinese Visa?

Get a Chinese Visa

Traveling is such a great avenue to unwind from the busy life we have. There are so many countries to choose from and some require a visa either upon arrival or before arrival to the destination country To begin let us focus on one country and get to know step by step the process in […]

Cities in Russia

Imagine yourself traveling to the largest country in the world, how long do you think it would take you to cross it? The Russian Federation which is known for its vastness of the area covers approximately 17,098,246 square kilometers of the Earth’s inhabited surface. It takes ages in traveling Russia entirely. However, the idea of […]

Types of Visas for Russia

Anyone who wants to visit Russia from most places in the world will need a visa to enter the country. There are a few countries that have visa exemptions; we have a list here of those who can enter Russia without a visa. If you are not from one of these places, you will need […]

Chinese Visa Types

If you choose to visit China, it is more likely than not that you will need to obtain a visa to enter the country. China has a strict visa policy and a long list of visas that are available. This list shows all the types of visas that China offers, and what are the circumstances […]

How to Get a Russian Visa

So you’ve decided to visit Russia! It’s an exciting and interesting place to visit, but there are a few things to get figured out before you leave for your trip. You know you need to get a Russian visa, but you are unsure how. First of all, in order to get a Russian visa, you […]